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Local Programming III


Local Programming III I YouTube

We made a live music video for track A off our latest single — the live performance was taken from a show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, while the rest was taken from what we call the Constant Gather. We hope you dig it!



Petes_Candy_Store_130930_v1We’re playing Pete’s Candy Store on Monday September 30th A.K.A. “The day after the last episode of Breaking Bad.” Coincidentally, we’ll be reprising “Walt Visits His Wife at Work” — an older song, loosely based on Walter White and has one of the most existential choruses goin in the existential chorus game: “And it reminded me / Of my mortality / In a threatening way / Now I’m visiting you at work because I wanna say. ”

Please come, and let us win you over.

Set starts at 10pm, sharp




Our song Young Tom Cruise was featured on Converse Music’s Tumblr page last Thursday. We recorded it last June, but the song had been around in one form or another for over a year prior.

We’re really happy with the recording we got in the studio, and it’s this song in particular that serves as a starting point for the more blues driven songwriting you’ll hear in some of the newer stuff we’re working on — We hope you enjoy it.

“The nostalgic sound of “Young Tom Cruise” by Mayor of Bad News, and recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks, will have you yearning for an endless summer.”
- Converse Music